Airtel Postpaid Connection Cancellation Letter Format

If you want to close your airtel postpaid connection then visit your nearest Airtel store and submit a request letter to them, then they will cancel your postpaid connection. Here are the sample request letters which you can use to cancel your Airtel postpaid connection.

Sample Airtel Postpaid Connection Close Letter Formats

Before requesting for deactivation of your postpaid connection make sure that you have cleared all your dues. Incase if any dues are pending then your postpaid connection will not be cancelled until you make the payments.

Format 1


The Branch Head,

Airtel Office,


Sub: Airtel postpaid connection request.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request you to cancel my airtel 4G postpaid sim connection for mobile number 9123456XXX.

At present I don’t need any postpaid services, so please cancel my postpaid connection. 

Thanking you.



Format 2


Airtel Store,


Sub: Request for deactivation of postpaid connection

Dear Sir/Madam.

I, P Kalyan, using an Airtel postpaid connection for mobile number 8456123XXX. I no longer need any postpaid services. 

So here I am requesting you to please deactivate my airtel postpaid connection for the above mentioned mobile number.

Thanking you.



How to Deactivate Airtel Postpaid Connection by Calling Customer Care

Calling Airtel customer care and requesting for deactivation of postpaid connection is the easiest way to cancel your postpaid connection.

Step 1: Call Airtel customer care number 121 or 198.

Step 2: Now select an option to talk with an Airtel customer care support executive.

Step 3: Now tell them to deactivate your postpaid connection.

Step 4: Verify your ownership by giving correct answers to their questions.

Step 5: Tell them why you want to deactivate the postpaid connection.

Step 6: Now, your postpaid connection will be cancelled.


How much time will it take to deactivate Airtel postpaid connection 

It will take a maximum of 24 hours to deactivate your 4G postpaid connection from the time of submitting the request letter to the Airtel store.

Best reason to tell when you want to cancel your postpaid connection

The simple and best reason is just tell them that you don’t  require postpaid services. Even Though they try to convenience you just stick to that answer.

How to cancel my Airtel postpaid connection if I lost the sim

If you lost your Airtel postpaid sim, then visit any Airtel store and verify your ownership by providing your identity by submitting any id proof such as  Aadhar card copy along with the above request letter. 

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