Application for High Electricity Bill Correction in English

If you have received an excess electricity bill even for regular usage then it is better to register a complaint at your concerned electricity department office. Otherwise every month you have to pay the excess amount even without utilization of extra units. 

You need to submit the following documents along with the complaint letter. 

  1. Latest electricity bill.
  2. Last Three months electricity bill.
  3. Photo of present meter reading.

Sample Application for Electricity Bill Correction (Format  1)


The Sub Divisional Officer (SDO),

Electricity Department.

Area name.


Your name,


Sub: Complaint regarding the high electricity bill.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing this to inform you about the high electricity bill associated with the service number __________________. 

I have received a bill of Rs ______ for the month of  October 2021 which is much higher than my average electricity bill, which is in between _____ Rs to ______ Rs. 

But now I was shocked to receive such a huge bill amount. I think there is a problem with my electricity meter reading. 

So please check it and revise my electricity bill and re-issue a fresh bill as per my actual consumption.

I shall be obliged to you in this matter.

Tanking you.


Your name.

Mobile no.

Sample Application for Electricity Bill Correction (Format 2)

Application for high electricity bill correction.

How to Write an Application for Electricity Bill Correction

  1. Address the complaint letter to the concerned authority in the electricity board office (or) SDO (Sub Divisional Officer). ( If you don’t know the designation then just mention it as “Concerned Authority”.)
  2. Write subject line as “complaint regarding high electricity bill correction” or “ Excess electricity bill correction”.
  3. Write your electricity service number in the body of the letter, you can find it in your bill.
  4. Mention how much bill amount you received and also mention the average bill amount that you receive every month.
  5. Request to check the electric meter and issue a fresh bill.

Can I Register High Electricity Bill Complaints Online

  • Yes, you can register complaints online as well. For that go to the respective website belonging to your electricity board and register a complaint.
  • You can also complain through the respective mobile apps and customer care numbers. You can find all those details on your electricity board website. 


How to deal with the wrong electricity bill?

Write a complaint letter to your concerned electricity department (or) register a complaint online.

How many days will it take to solve my high electricity bill problem?

After submitting the complaint, the lineman or technician will check your meter and if there is any problem with the meter reading then they will revise your bill. To complete this process it will take 7-10 days.

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