Axis MF KYC Form PDF for Individuals & Non-Individuals

The individual or non individual investors whose KYC is not yet done by any AMC should need to submit a duly filled KYC form to any of the Axis mutual fund AMC branch. Here you can download Axis MF KYC form, which you can use for both individuals and non individual investors of India. (But for non individual investors passport details are must).

Download Axis MF KYC Form for Individuals & Non Individuals

Sample Filled Axis MF KYC Form

Axis mutual fund KYC form consist 4 pages, out of which we need to fill Two pages only, page 1 and page 2. Here is the examples of sample filled Axis MF KYC forms.

Page 1

axis mf kcy form for individuals sample 1

Page 2

axis mf kyc form sample 2

How to Fill Axis MF KYC Form

Before filling Axis MF kyc form make sure that non indivdual holders should have a valid passport number, and the original should be verified at Axis AMC branch office. For individual investors they can use any identity proof and address proof like Aadhar, drving licence, voter id etc…

Field 1 (Identity details): Here write your PAN number, name, father name, mother name, date of birth, gender details, marital status, residential status, and occupation type. Here attest a passport size photograph of you.

Field 2 (Proof of identity): Here tick the proof of identity which you are submitting. If you are submitting a passport or driving license then you need to mention the expiry date also.

Field 3( Proof of address): Here mention your address details and tick the valid address proof which you are submitting.

Field 4 (Contact details): Here write your contact details like your mobile number and email id.

Field 5 (FATCS/CRS information): Here update your FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) information.

Field 6( Details of related person): Leave this field blank.

Field 7 (Remarks): Leave this field blank.

Field 8 (Declaration): Mention the date and place and sign the KYC form.

Field 9: It is for office use only, you don’t need to write any thing here.

FAQs related to Axis MF KYC

Can I verify my KYC in Axis mutual fund online

Yes, you can do that, for that select the new investor option on the Axis MF website, and enter your PAN, if your KYC is not done yet then you need to enter your KYC and mobile number to proceed further. During this process, you will receive an OTP registered with your Aadhar by entering that OTP you can complete your KYC.

Do I need to complete KYC with each mutual fund AMC

No, it is not required. If your KYC is completed with any one mutual fund AMC then you don’t need to verify it each time when you are registering in other mutual fund AMCs.

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