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If you want to open a bank account in Canara bank or if you already have an account in Canara bank then you will get a passbook from the bank like any other bank. Here you can find an image of Canara bank passbook for your idea.

canara bank passbook image

If you are applying for the PF or if you are applying for any govt schemes then you need to submit a xerox copy of your bank passbook. So always keep your bank passbook with you.

And at the same time make sure that your bank account number, IFSC code, and your photo with bank authorization stamp are clearly visible on your Canara bank passbook.

FAQs about Canara Bank Passbook

Can I get my passbook if it lost or tores ?

Yes, you can get a new passbook from Canara bank whenever you lost it or whenever it tores. There is no restriction on getting bank passbook for multiple times.

Should I need to update my Canara bank passbook whenever I make transaction?

There is no need for you to update your bank book whenever you deposit or withdraw money from the bank. You need it only when somebody asks your last 6 months statement. Then you can ask the bank to update it.

But the better option is to apply for Canara bank internet banking so that you can download your bank statement online without visiting the bank.

Is it mandatory to have bank bass book?

It is not mandatory, but it acts as a valid address proof. So it is better have your canara bank passbook with you.

Can I open Canara bank account online?

Yes, you can open Canara bank account online by using Canara Diya mobile application.

How to get Canara bank passbook after opening my account online?

Your can get your Canara passbook by visiting your bank branch with your account number and passport size photograph. (Along with that carry your KYC like Aadhar and PAN)

What is the minimum balance rules in Canara Bank?

You should maintain 1000 Rs of minimum balance if your bank is located in metro, urban, or semi-urban areas and 500 Rs if your bank branch is located in a rural area.

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