Leave Letters for Fever After Taking Leave to School

Fever leave letters after taking leave

If you have already taken leave unexpectedly due to a fever, you can submit the leave letter the next day of the leave. Students may be unable to inform their schools/colleges of their leave due to reasons such as severe fever, bedriddenness, hospitalization, … Read more

Leave letters for Eye Infection for Office & School

Leave applications for eye infection

Eye problems are becoming common nowadays. If you suffer from eye problems such as infections, conjunctivitis, etc., you can request medical leave in your office or school. Most eye infections are contagious, so it is better to stay at home. Below are a … Read more

Emergency Leave Letters for Father Sick [Samples]

Father sick emergency leave application

If your father needs any medical checkups such as blood tests, ECG, MRI scans, etc., or if he is not feeling well or needs hospitalization, you should take care of him. In such situations, you have to take leave from your office/school/college. You … Read more