Leave letters for Eye Infection for Office & School

Leave applications for eye infection

Eye problems are becoming common nowadays. If you suffer from eye problems such as infections, conjunctivitis, etc., you can request medical leave in your office or school. Most eye infections are contagious, so it is better to stay at home. … Read more

Leave Applications for Going to Village

Leave application for going to village copy

Whether you are a student (or) an employee and plan to visit your village, you must obtain the approval of the principal (or) the boss. To go to the village, you need at least two for a week’s leave, so … Read more

Stomach Pain Leave Letters to the Teacher

Leave applications for stomach pain

Stomach pain is the most common problem for school-going children. It may be caused due to unhealthy food habits, food allergies, or stress. If you are suffering from stomach pain, it is better to stay at home and take rest. … Read more