Sample Applications for Online Exam to Principal

Application for online exam to principal

Since the time of COVID, schools are allowing students to participate in online exams whenver the students are feeling sick and out of the station. But to get permission for an online example, the student or parents must write a letter of request to the … Read more

Apology Letter to Principal for Mistake by Student

Apology letter to principal for student mistake

There is nothing wrong with accepting your mistake and saying sorry. Students need to write apology letters to the principal when they commit any mistake. Every student needs to develop discipline from the time of their schooling. Here are some sample apology application formats that … Read more

Application to Principal for Full Fee Concession

Full fee concession application

FromParent/Student name,Address. ToThe Principal,School name,Address. Sub: Application for fee concession. Respected Sir/Madam, I’m  [parent name] father of [student name] studying class [xx] and section [X] with roll no. [XX] in your school.  Due to [some financial problems/ my job loss/ loss in my business/ my … Read more

Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your School Trip

Letter to your friend about your school educational tour

If you want to share your experience about your recent educational school trip, then you are at the right place, here you can find sample letter formats to describe your school trip to your friend. How to write a letter to your friend about your … Read more

Application for Bus Pass for Students

Application for student bus pass

Every student can apply for a bus pass, most of the time the school admin department will intimate the students to apply for the new bus pass during the start of the academic year. In case if you failed to apply for the bus pass … Read more