Download Canara Bank KYC Form for Individual

If you have opened the Canara bank account online then you need to submit your KYC details again to your bank after 1 year. For that, the account holders need to submit a KYC form. Some times even the account holders who have opened the Canara bank account offline also need to submit the KYC updation form. ( We cannot update KYC details in online for Canara bank).

Download Canara Bank KYC Form

How to Update KYC Details in Canara Bank

The above form is a multi-purpose form, the same form you can use for cheque book, debit card, address change request, etc.

  • To update KYC details you need to fill the field no 12, tick the box against Documents submitted for KYC Compliance. KYC details not updated and submit duly signed copies of your Aadhar card and PAN card.
Canara Bank KYC Form for Individual
  • And mention your account details and name in the field no 12 and also mention the From details and To details in top fields of this form. ( Including your bank account number, name, customer id, email id, and mobile number).
  • After filling all the required details sign the form and submit directly to your Canara bank branch.

Sometimes the bank official might ask for a written request letter to update your KYC details, in that case, use the below letter format.


The Branch Manager,

Canara Bank,


Sub: Request to update KYC details.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ______________________ S/O (or) D/O ________________ account holder of Canara Bank with Account No___________________. Here I am requesting you to please update my KYC details and I have also attached the duly signed copies of my Aadhar and PAN card copies for your reference. So please do the needful.

Thanking you.



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