Fee Receipt Format for Coaching Classes in PDF & Word Formats

The fee receipt acts as proof that the payment has paid to the coaching institute. Every institution should issue a receipt to their students or parents when they make payment to them. Even though they have balance still they should be issued with a receipt by mentioning the balance amount to be paid. Here you can download a printable format of coaching classes fee receipt in PDF and other formats.

Coaching Classes Fee Receipt Formats

Below are some examples of fee receipt formats, which are available in both PDF and Word formats. If you want to make any changes then download in Word format and edit as per your requirements.

Format 1

fee receipt format for coaching classes pdf format

Format 2

fee receipt format for coaching classes pdf format

Format 3

coaching classes fee receipt format

Details Need to be Mentioned on Fee Payment Receipt

  1. Name of the institution, if the coaching institution has any logo then it is better to place the logo on the pay receipt. ( but not mandatory)
  2. Address and contact details of the coaching institute.
  3. Receipt serial number
  4. Date on which the payment was made.
  5. Total amount paid by the student.
  6. Balance amount if any.
  7. Details of the course.
  8. Finally signature of the receiver
  9. If the amount is non refundable then mention it on the fee receipt.

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