First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name in India Passport

The first name in the Indian passport is the “first word of your given name” (Name given after birth), and the last name is your “surname” which all your family members get through inheritance, the remaining part of your name is the middle name.

Indian passport application consists of two parts of your name, i) Given Name and ii) Surname. In the given name field you need to mention your first name + middle name and in the surname field mention, your surname also called the last name.

For example, if your name is Padala Vinay Kumar, then your given name is “Vinay Kumar”, and your surname is “Padala”.

First name, middle name, and last name on Indian passport

If you don’t have any middle name, then just write your first name and surnames only.

First Name, Middle Name & Last Name Examples for Passport

(Remember First name + Middle name = Given Name)

Actual Full NameFirst NameMiddle NameSurname (Last name)
Bandi Naveen ReddyNaveenReddyBandi
Konuru Lakshmi NarayanaLakshmiNarayana Konuru
Uppalapati GeethaGeethaUppalapati
Santhapuri Preethi SharmaPreethiSharmaSanthapuri
Eepuri Raghavenhra Karthik VarmaRaghavendraKarthik VarmaEepuri
Jilla Senthil KumarSenthilKumarSenthil
Kommu VinodhVinodhKommu
Rajendhra Singh ChauhanRajendraSinghChauhan
Richa Sruthi DwivediRichaSruthiDwivedi


What name appears on your passport?

Your passport will have your given name (first name + middle name) and surname, which you have entered while applying for the passport.

What to do If I don’t have a middle name?

If you don’t have any middle name then just ignore it.

What if I don’t have a surname?

If you don’t have a surname on any of your documents, then you can leave the surname field blank on the passport application form.

How to change the name on the passport after marriage?

Apply for reissue of passport on website, and submit your old passport to your passport office and any of the supporting documents like Aadhar card,  water bill, telephone bill, electricity bill, spouse’s passport or bank passbook, etc. Here is the list of all valid documents.

What is the ECR and Non-ECR category in passports?

ECR stands for Emigration Check Required, if you don’t have a 10th class certificate then you will be considered under the ECR category.

Non-ECR (ECNR) stands Emigration Check Not Required, individuals who have 10th class certificates will come under non-ECR category.

Are the last name, surname, and initial name the same?

Yes, all are the same.

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  2. My name is Meghana H and H stands for my father name I.e.,it will be middle name I believe in my passport application..I don’t have surname what should I full…should I fill just meghana

  3. My daughter has only first name as Ipshita but she doesn’t have middle name and sur name in her school records . So, it is requested to tell me please is there any problem while applying for passport if there is no middle name and sur name with first name.

  4. My name is RAKSHITH GOWDA B.K. . what is the right method in passport, all my certificates are like this only, (B – BYRASANDRA (My Native), K – Keshavamurthy (my father name))

  5. My name is lahana M.T. what is the right method in passport, all my certificate are like this only (M- Mukkathu (my surname), T- Thomas ( my father name)


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