How to Fill Nomination form Zerodha (Zerodha Nomination Form Sample)

The investors and traders who open Zerodha trading account can submit the nomination form to Zerordha to nominate their family members. You need to send a filled copy of Zerodha Nomination form to Zerodha Corporate office address #153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nager 4th Phase, Opp. Clarence Public School, Bengaluru 560078.

Download Zerodha Nomination Form

Sample Filled Zerodha Nomination Form

Zerodha Nomination Form Sample

How to Fill Zerodha Nomination Form

Name of the First Holder: Here write your name i.e name of the Zerodha account holder. If your Zerodha account has 2nd and 3rd holders then write their names also, otherwise just leave those fields blank.

Name of the Nominee: Here write the name of the nominee. You can add up to 3 nominees.

Share of Each Nominee: Here mention the share of each nominee, Example 100 % ( if you nominate only one nominee)

Mention Address, Mobile No and Email Id of the nominee.

Proof of Identity Submitted: Mention the proof of identity submitted, Ex: Aadhar card ( Submit a copy of Aadhar card of the nominee along with this Zerodha nomination form).

Finally, Sign in the box of First / Sole holder. There is no need for the signature of the nominee on this nomination form.

How to check nominee details in Zerodha

You can download the scanned copy of approved Zerodha nomination form in Zerodha Console. Which is a proof of your nominee details.

To do that login to Zerodha Console Portal with your Zerodha Kite login credentials or you can also find an option to go Zerodha Console in Kite dashboard.

In Console dashboard click on your User ID on top right side, and again click on My Profile option.

On the left-hand side, you can find an option called User uploads, now click on that.

Now you can find all your uploads, if you click on Nominee then you can download Zerodha approved nomination form.

How to check nominee details in Zerodha

4 thoughts on “How to Fill Nomination form Zerodha (Zerodha Nomination Form Sample)”

  1. hi!

    I want to add my daughter’s name as a nominee in my account. She has an Aadhaar Card but the address mentioned is of my old residence. Is this ok.

    Also, can I upload the nomination form or is it mandatory to send a hard copy.


    • Address on Aadhar is not a problem, still, you can add here as a nominee in Zerodha.
      To add nominee we need to send the hard copy, there is no online option.


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