How to Talk to Jio Customer Care Executive Directly

Dial 198 from your Jio mobile number (or) 1808899999 from other network mobile numbers and select the language and press “3”  & select the reason & finally press “9” to speak with the Jio customer care executive. 

Whenever you have any problems or complaints related to Jio about their recharge plans, network issues, internet problems  then you have multiple options to contact them directly.

Different Ways to Talk to Jio Customer Care Executive Directly

  1. Dial 198 from your Jio number (or) 1808899999 from other network numbers.
  2. Contact through their Whatsapp number 7000770007
  3. Chat with Jio customer care directly by using their Chat with us option in their Jio portal.
  4. Send an Email to the Jio team. Use this link to send a complaint email to Jio.

All the above services are available in 24*7, so you can contact them at any time.

What to do If I am not satisfied with Jio customer care service?

If you are not satisfied with the support of the Jio customer care executive then you can complain to the Jio Appellate Officer. Jio has their appellate offices in every state of Andhra Pradesh, you can send an email to them or you can also call them.

Find your Jio appellate office details (Addres, Email & Phone).

You have to contact the Jio appellate officer within 30 days from the time of expiry of your complaint resolution time. ( You can contact upto 3 months also, but you have to give a reason why you delayed complaining)

Your problem may be resolved within 39 days from the date of complaint.


What is the mail id of Jio customer care?

What is Jio business email id? is their business email id.

How to contact Jio related to their online shopping?

Send an email at for problem related to Jio online shopping.

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