Letter Formats to Society Members for Maintenance Charges

If flat/house owners in a housing society don’t pay the maintenance charges on the due date then their society will issue a notice (or) warning letter. Every owner of a flat or house in society needs to pay some maintenance charges decided by their society. 

If anyone fails to pay the maintenance charges then they have to pay the fines or penalties. 

Sample Letter to Society Member for Maintenance Charges

Name of the member,
Flat no.

Sub: Non-payment of maintenance charges.

Dear [member name],

This letter is regarding the non-payment of the maintenance charges of your flat or house no __. The pending maintenance charges should be paid before [date] to avoid any penalties.

Kindly make the payment soon, hope you cooperate with us.

Thanking you.

Your name.


Letter to Society Member for Maintenance Charges

Notice/Warning Letter to Society Member

The member name,
Flat no.

Sub: Notice for maintenance charges due.

Dear [member name],

This is in reference to our previous letter dated [date] for not paying maintenance charges of flat/house no .___. 

Every society member has to pay maintenance charges by the 05th of every month, but you failed to pay the dues even after regular reminders.

A total due amount of ____ Rs which includes the interest of __% for delayed payment.

Please take this letter seriously. Any failure to pay the pending dues by [date] leads to legal actions.

We expect you to cooperate with us.

For the [society name]

Authorized signatory,

Society Letter to Increase Maintenance Charges

The member name,
Flat no.

Sub: Increased maintenance charges w.e.f [month & year]

Dear [Member name]

As per the society meeting held on [date] the decision to increase maintenance charges has been taken. With effect from [month & year], every society member has to pay a maintenance charge of___ Rs.

The decision was taken because of the increased expenditure such as electricity charges and security salaries.

We appreciate your understanding in the matter and kindly cooperate with us.

For the [society name],

Authorized Signatory.


What can society do if maintenance is not paid?

They will issue a notice and you have to pay the penalty for late payment. If you deny paying the penalty and maintenance dues then your society proceeds legally.

Can society cut the water supply of a member for not paying the maintenance?

Most societies don’t do that, they will proceed legally through courts. In extreme conditions, it leads to auctions.

Who is responsible for the maintenance charge of society, house owner, or tenant?

It depends on the rental agreement between the house owner and tenant, if your rent includes maintenance charges then the house owner has to pay the maintenance dues, otherwise, the tenant has to pay.


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