Application for Examination Permission

Application for examination permission

There are a number of reasons for writing a permission request for the exams. They are like 1. Attendance shortages 2. To take the competitive examinations and 3. Attend academic exams (or) competitions for employees on business days. In all the above cases you need … Read more

21+ Sick Leave Applications for School from Parents

Sick leave application for school from parents

Children commonly get diseases due to unhealthy food habits and weather changes. If your child is not feeling well, then it is better to give your child some rest and if possible take the child to a medical checkup. For this, you need to apply … Read more

Application to Hostel Warden for Going Home from Hostel

Application to hostel warden for going home

Whenever the hostel students want to visit their home, then they should inform their hostel warden for permission. Only after approval of the warden, students are allowed to take leave. The application to the hostel warden can be written by either the student or parents. … Read more

Sample Applications for Online Exam to Principal

Application for online exam to principal

Since the time of COVID, schools are allowing students to participate in online exams whenver the students are feeling sick and out of the station. But to get permission for an online example, the student or parents must write a letter of request to the … Read more

Official Reminder Letter Formats

Reminder letter formats

Reminding letters is very important for late payments. After providing a service or after selling goods, you need to get your money back as soon as possible so you can run your business without obstacles. A reminder has to be polite and at the same … Read more