Sample Applications for Online Exam to Principal

Application for online exam to principal

Since the time of COVID, schools are allowing students to participate in online exams whenver the students are feeling sick and out of the station. But to get permission for an online example, the student or parents must write a letter of request to the … Read more

Official Reminder Letter Formats

Reminder letter formats

Reminding letters is very important for late payments. After providing a service or after selling goods, you need to get your money back as soon as possible so you can run your business without obstacles. A reminder has to be polite and at the same … Read more

Internship Extension Request Letter Samples

Internship extension letters

For any reason, if you are not able to finish your internship on the due date, then you can request the head of the department or company to extend your internship duration. If your reason is genuine the companies will approve your request. How to … Read more

Section Change Application in English to Principal

Section change application to school principal

As a student, if you are not comfortable with your present class section then it is better to change the section as early as possible so that you can concentrate more on your studies than other issues.  School principals have the authority to change the … Read more