Internship Extension Request Letter Samples

Internship extension letters

For any reason, if you are not able to finish your internship on the due date, then you can request the head of the department or company to extend your internship duration. If your reason is genuine the companies will approve your request. How to … Read more

Section Change Application in English to Principal

Section change application to school principal

As a student, if you are not comfortable with your present class section then it is better to change the section as early as possible so that you can concentrate more on your studies than other issues.  School principals have the authority to change the … Read more

Leave Applications for Mother Illness to Boss

Leave applications for mother illness

Dear Sir/Madam,  I am writing to inform you that My mother is not feeling well, she is suffering from [illness]. Therefore I request you to please grant me leave today i.e on [date] so that I can take her to the hospital. There is nothing … Read more

Sample Cash Acknowledgement Letters for Received Payment

Cash payment acknowledgement letters

I hereby confirm that I received an amount of 25,000 Rs from Mr. Suresh Kumar towards purchase of the lab equipment. Please consider this as an acknowledgment of payment received. Feel free to contact us regarding any queries or assistance. Thanking you. Cash acknowledgment letters … Read more

Apology Letter to Principal for Mistake by Student

Apology letter to principal for student mistake

There is nothing wrong with accepting your mistake and saying sorry. Students need to write apology letters to the principal when they commit any mistake. Every student needs to develop discipline from the time of their schooling. Here are some sample apology application formats that … Read more