Sample Request Letter For Mobile Phone Allowance

Employees who are working as the marketing department, purchase department, accountants department and other employees working in a  company needs to make so many calls regarding office purposes. But every time it is not possible for the employers to provide individual mobile numbers to all the employees because sometimes employees need mobile numbers on the temporary basis. In that case, employees need to claim their mobile bill allowances from their employers. Here is a sample request letter for mobile phone allowance in word format.

Request Letter For Mobile Phone Allowance

To,                                                                                                                                    Date:
The Manager,                                                                                                                 Place:
ABC Company Ltd,

Sub: Request Letter For Mobile Phone Allowance

Dear Sir,
This is a request letter regarding my mobile phone allowance, the maximum phone calls I am making every day are mainly related to official purposes and I didn’t get my company mobile number. Even though I am in accounts department still I have to make so many calls to our vendors and customers. Maximum I am using the office phone to make calls but sometimes it is not possible to use office phone so I am making calls through my personal mobile.
Here I am attaching my recent calls list for last month and please verify it and please provide my mobile bill allowance.

Thanking you.

Name of the employee.

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