Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your School Trip

If you want to share your experience about your recent educational school trip, then you are at the right place, here you can find sample letter formats to describe your school trip to your friend.

How to write a letter to your friend about your school trip

  • You don’t need to formal while writing letter to your friend, keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • Write “To” address of your friend on stating of the letter.
  • Start the letter with Dear [friend name] or Hello [friend name] etc.
  • Describe  the important  tour details like place of visit, date, and your most favourite things about the tour.
  • Tell your frind to convey your regards to his/her parents.
  • Close the letter by saying “your frind” or “yours lovingly” and your name.

School trip letter to a friend (format 1)

Friend name,

Dear [friend name],

How are you? I am fine, hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to share my recent experience with my school education trip to [place], which we visited on [date].

I have enjoyed the tour a lot and at the same time, it is knowledgeable.

The tour was initiated by our principal sir, and an amount of___ Rs was collected from each student.  We started on [date] on our school bus and visited so many beautiful places during the journey.

We reached the actual location by afternoon, and we went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch, the food is good. After finishing lunch we had so much fun, we played different games and sang songs.

In the evening we went sightseeing, the place is so beautiful with trees, hills, and waterfalls. The tour is memorable, and it will be much better if you are with us.

Give my regards to your parents, I will meet you soon.

Your friend,


Write a Letter to Your Friend About Your School Trip

School trip letter to a friend (format 2)

Friend name,

Hello [friend name],

Hope you are doing well, I am writing this to let you know about my experience with my school trip to [place] on [date].

Like every year this year also our school management has planned a trip, this time we planned to visit  [place]. We went by train and the journey was amazing. We had so much fun on the train, we played dumb shell arts and sang songs. The train went through so many tunnels, and we all shouted each time the train passes through a tunnel.

We reached our final destination by afternoon, and we ate the food which we brought from home. After having lunch we have visited all the nearby famous places like [location 1]. [location 2] and [location 3]. Out of all I liked [location] very much, the weather and the scenery were so beautiful there. We started our return journey in the evening on the train.

The tour is unforgettable, but I missed you so much. I will meet you soon. 

My best regards to your parents.

Your loving friend,


School trip letter to friend (format 3)

Friend name,

Dear buddy,

I am excited to share my recent experience of visiting [place] as a part of our school trip to [place]. The tour is an educational trip but we had so much fun. We are a total of 50 students who started our journey on [date] on our school bus. 

We reached the destination in three hours, and the place is extremely beautiful with so much greenery and waterfalls. We carried our own food and snacks prepared in our school, and the food was so tasty. 

After lunch, we went sightseeing, our teachers explained the history of the place, it is very interesting. I have taken photographs and I will send them to you soon.

I want to visit this place again along with you and our parents, see you soon.

Best regards to your parents.

Yours lovingly,



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