Leave letters for Eye Infection for Office & School

Leave applications for eye infection

Eye problems are becoming common nowadays. If you suffer from eye problems such as infections, conjunctivitis, etc., you can request medical leave in your office or school. Most eye infections are contagious, so it is better to stay at home. … Read more

Cash Advance Request Letter Samples

Cash advance request letters

Employees can get cash advances from their salaries in case of an urgent need. Depending upon the reason your company will decide to sanction the cash advance. Once employees receive the cash advance, the amount will be deducted on a … Read more

Outstanding Payment Request Letters to Clients

Outstanding payment request letters

Unpaid bills are the biggest burden to any business. You should always ask for outstanding payments from your clients, otherwise, clients will delay or forget about it. Sometimes even after regular follow-ups, some clients don’t pay the dues. In that … Read more