Sample Food Poisoning Sick Leave Emails for Office

Food Poisoning Sick Leave Emails for Office

Whenever you are suffering from food poisoning-related health issues then it is not possible to focus on your work, so it is better to take a rest. Proper rest will also help in the recovery process. You can apply for sick leave in your office … Read more

Railway Ticket Transfer Request Application Form

Railway Ticket Transfer Request Application Form

You can transfer your railway ticket to any of your family members like husband, wife, father, mother, son and daughter. The transfer request should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train. In order to transfer your railway … Read more

Application Format for Name Change in Railway Ticket

Application Format for Change in Name in Railway Ticket

If your name is wrongly printed on your railway ticket then you can correct it 24 hours before departure of your train. For correction of your name on the railway ticket, you need to submit a written request to the railway reservation office. Along with … Read more

AP School Study Certificate Formats PDF

AP school study certificate format pdf

Study certificate is an important document that is required for joining higher studies. Study certificate consists of the details of the student such as the name of the student, father name, class of study, and academic years. The students of Andhra Pradesh can get their … Read more