Cash Advance Request Letter Samples

Cash advance request letters

Employees can get cash advances from their salaries in case of an urgent need. Depending upon the reason your company will decide to sanction the cash advance. Once employees receive the cash advance, the amount will be deducted on a monthly basis from … Read more

Internship Extension Request Letter Samples

Internship extension letters

For any reason, if you are not able to finish your internship on the due date, then you can request the head of the department or company to extend your internship duration. If your reason is genuine the companies will approve your request. … Read more

Leave Applications for Family Function to Boss

Family function leave application to boss

Whenever you have to attend an important family function, it may be a puja ceremony, birthday program, functions in native places, (or) any religious function then you can ask your boss/manager to grant 1 or 2 days leave. To apply for the leave … Read more