Company Sim Card Request Letter Format & Email Sample

In some jobs especially like marketing the company provides sim cards to their employees, because it reduces the call charges burden to the employees and at the same time when the employee leaves or resigns the job then he will handover the sim to the employers so that the employers will not miss the potential customers.

If your company is delaying in giving you the sim card then use the below letter and email sample formats to request a sim card.

Company sim card request letter


The HR/Manager,

Company Name.


Sub: Request for the company sim card.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is _________ recently joined as _________(job desigation) in ___________Department on ________(joining date). This is a kind request for me to issue a sim card for me because my day to day job is mostly dealing with calling the customers.

At present, communication is taking between me and our customers through my personal mobile number and I am sure that this is not a good idea. So I am requesting you to please issue the sim card.

Thanking you.



Email Request for Sim Card

Sub: Request for sim card.

It is a kind request to issue me a company sim card, my daily job requires company sim because most of my daily job routine includes calling customers on behalf of the organization. At present, I am giving my personal number for our customers and I feel it is not good for me and the company as well.

So I am requesting you to please issue a company sim card.

Thanking you.



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