Application for Extension of Maternity Leave for Child Care

Sometimes keeping in a view of the self-health condition and child care the women employees need an extension of their maternity leave. Most companies will allow such extension in leave, but it depends on your employer. 

How to write Maternity Leave Extension Letter

When you are requesting a leave extension of maternity leave then keep the following points consideration

  1. Address the reason why you want to take extension of maternity leave.
  2. Mention the exact date on which you are going to return to your work
  3. Keep the leave extension letter simple and short.
  4. Try to mention your apology for causing inconvenience to the organization due to your absence
  5. Finally express your gratitude in the letter

Maternity  Leave Extension Request Letter Formats

Format 1


The Manager,

ABC Pvt Ltd.

Address of the Company.

Sub: Application for Maternity Leave Extension

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request you regarding my maternity leave extension to take care of my newly born baby. As per doctor’s advice the baby needs parents observation for some more days.

Hence here I am requesting you to please extend my maternity leave for another 15 days and I will return to my work from 25 Feb 2021.

Thanking you.



Format 2


The Manager,

XYZ Foundation,

Address of the Company.

Sub: Request for maternity leave extension.

Dear Mr/Mrs____________.

This is a kind request regarding my maternity leave extension. As you are aware that I have recently given birth to a baby girl and my health is still recovering after delivery.

At present I am not in a physically well position to perform my work, and as per my doctor’s suggestion it will take another 20 days to recover my health.

So please extend my maternity leave for another 20 days and I will be available to my work from 01 March 2021.

I know that this would cause some inconvenience to the organization but kindly understand my situation in this regard.

Thanking you.




How many maternity leaves will be given in India

In india as per maternity benefits act 1961, 26 weeks of maternity leaves will be given to women employees during their pregnancy for first Two children

Can I get paid during maternity leave extension

It depends on your organization policy, The statutory payment will  be done only up to 26 weeks, but more than that you need to talk with your employer. 

What if I don’t get approval for leave extension

In case your employer is forcing you to come to the work when you are not physically well then you can contact your concerned labour department, then they will try to solve the problem between you and your employer. 

But most employers will approve leave extension requests for a few days.

Can I send leave extension request letter through email

Yes, you can send the above maternity leave request through email also.

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