Top 5 Free Online Tools for Effective Writing

Whether you are writing an email, a letter, a blog post, or a social media message, using some free online tools will make your writing more engaging. Here are the top 5 free online tools that every employee and student should know to improve their day-to-day writing skills.

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1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a free chrome extension that you can use to check grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your writing.

Grammarly is useful for essential leave writers to highly professional writers. Whenever there’s a mistake in your writing it underlines the word/sentence in red color and shows the right word.

If you use Grammarly 90% of your grammatical mistakes will be covered and it makes your writing professional.

Grammarly is a premium version as well, It shows more word choices and improves the clarity of your writing.

However, Grammarly’s free extension is enough in most cases.

2. Power Thesaurus

Using synonyms improves the quality of writing and the right words will reduce the length of the sentence, it increases the readability.

Synonym is an equivalent word with almost similar meaning. Power Thesaurus helps you to find better words. It is free, you can find different word choices.

Using Power Thesaurus to find synonyms improve your vocabulary in long run.

Power Thesaurus has a pro version as well, which gives an ad-free experience.

3. Ginger Sentence Rephraser

Ginger sentence rephrasing will automatically cut down the unnecessary words in the sentence and replaces the words with the best possible synonyms.

Every time you type or paste a sentence into the Ginger website or application, you can find multiple rephrased sentences with the best results.

Which makes your writing more captivating. Ginger has a free version with a daily limit, you can use Ginger sentence rephraser as your personal editor.

4. Google Translator

Google Translate is free and effective as well. To make use of Google Translate to improve your writing you should need to have a good command over your native language.

As a non-native English speaker, it is not easy to turn your thoughts into sentences every time. In this case, you can convert your thoughts from your first language to English using Google Translation.

Using power thesaurus and Ginger sentence rephrasing, you can bring more quality to the translated sentences.

5. Chat GPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence application developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT will be the future of writing. You can type a command on ChatGPT to write about anything, and later you can make the changes as per your requirements.

You can use Chat GPT to find different sentence choices in the same context, and by making small changes you can use them in your work.

Most writers fearing about ChatGPT, but if you take the leverage of chatGPT in your writing it helps you to improve your career.

At present Chat GPT is free, so you can make try to use ChatGPT to improve your writing.

Summary: The 5 tools above are my favorite simple online tools that I use on a regular basis. If you know how to take advantage of them, it helps you grow in your career, otherwise, you can be left behind in your writing journey.

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