AP School Study Certificate Formats PDF

Study certificate is an important document that is required for joining higher studies. Study certificate consists of the details of the student such as the name of the student, father name, class of study, and academic years.

The students of Andhra Pradesh can get their certificates from their schools / educational institutions. Every school can prepare their own study certificate format as per their requirement, there is no fixed format for it.

Here are some sample study certificate formats which the schools in Andhra Pradesh can use to give it to their students.

(If you want to edit the below study certificate formats then download the word formats and edit the school name. If you want to print them on your school letter head then download the PDF format and take printouts on letterheads.)

AP School Study Certificate (Format 1)

AP school study certificate format

AP School Study Certificate (Format 2)

Andhra pradesh school study certificate format

AP School Study Certificate (Format 3)

How to Write School Study Certificate Format in AP



This is to certify that Mr. / Ms. _______________________________ admission no.______________ son of / daughter of _____________________ was a bonafide student of class___________ in this school during the academic years _________ to __________.




What is the difference between school certificate and study certificate ?

School certificate will be issued by the state board of education, where as study certificate will be issued the schools / colleges where that particular student has studied.

When to take study certificate from the school ?

You can apply for the study certificate along with your transfer certificate, marks list, and conduct certificate after completion of your schooling (or) you can apply for your study certificate whenever you need it in your life.

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