Official Reminder Letter Formats

Reminding letters is very important for late payments. After providing a service or after selling goods, you need to get your money back as soon as possible so you can run your business without obstacles. A reminder has to be polite and at the same time, it has to do its job.

How to Write a Reminder Letter

  1. Write the appropriate subject line. Ex: Payment due for invoice XXXXX.
  2. Start the letter with a salutation like Dear Mr/Ms. [person name] or Dear Sir/Madam.
  3. Mention the reason for the reminders, such as the invoice number, due date, and reason for payment.
  4. Request or demand immediate payment.
  5. Explain the consequences of not making the payment before the deadline.
  6. Finally, close the letter with proper letter closings like sincerely or regards and your name with the designation.

Reminder Letter for Payment (Format 1)

Sub: Payment reminder for invoice XXXX.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to remind you that there is an overdue of Rs ……………. For invoice number XXXXX. It has been completed two months since the delivery of the items, but payment is not yet received.

Therefore please make the payment immediately. 

Awaiting your payment.

Your name.

Reminder Letter for Payment (Format 2)

Sub: Final reminder to pay the invoice [XXXXX]

Dear [Name of the person],

This is to remind you that there is an outstanding bill amount of Rs ………………. for invoice XXXX that has been pending for the last 30 days.  Please make the payment in …. days. 

Kindly treat this as an urgent matter and proceed with the payment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems during the payment.

Looking forward to your prompt and responsible response.

Please disregard this letter if the payment has already taken place.

Your name.

Official payment reminder letter format

Reminder Letter for the Previous Letter (Format 3)

Sub: Payment reminder for invoice XXXX.

This is in reference to our previous letter dated  ………….. regarding the payment of invoice no. XXXX for [reason]. An outstanding amount of …………… has been pending since [date].

But we are hopeful that you will certainly respond to this letter and make our payment.

Otherwise, we will not hesitate to take legal action against you.

We hope you don’t take this issue that far. So make payment immediately.

Your name.

Reminder Letter for no Response (Format 4)

Sub: Final reminder to pay your bill.

Dear Mr./Ms. …………………,

This letter refers to our earlier notices dated ………………. and ………………. regarding the payment of your property tax. But so far there hasn’t been any response from you.

We will be issuing this final notice and please make the payment before [due date] to avoid any penalty.

If you do not respond even this time, you will be fined and further action will be taken.

If you have any queries or need further information, please contact 9124XXXX40.

Your name.

Reminder Letter Format for Pending Work (Format 5)

Sub: Action required for pending work.

Dear Mr./Ms………………,

This refers to your CCTV camera installation work at XYZ solutions. The work has not yet been completed and no action has been taken during the past week.

 We need to finish this work immediately. 

We never expected that kind of delay from a reputable company like yours.

Hope you resume your work immediately.

Your name.

Reminder letter for pending work


When should I send a reminder letter?

You can send reminder letters to overdue payments, delayed payments, pending works, etc.

Can I charge late fees for delayed payments?

It depends on the terms of the agreement while making the transactions. But charging penalties on late fees is a good idea to avoid delayed payments.


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