Letter to Bank Manager for Online Transaction Failed but Amount Debited

It is common that sometimes the online transactions fail and money debits from our account, but the actual beneficiary will not receive the amount. In most cases banks will refund that money within 24 hours from the time of transaction. 

But if your amount is not refunded to you then you need to visit your bank branch and submit the below request letter format to get back your amount.

How to write Letter to Bank Manager for Refund of Money When Payment Fails

  1. Write your name, your bank account number, amount, and date & time of the transaction.
  2. Also mention the details of the transaction i.e to whom you tried to send the money or with whom you want to do the transaction.
  3. Try to mention the reference numbers if any for failed transactions.
  4. Mention your phone number on the request letter.
  5. If your money is debited without your concern then contact your bank immediately without any delay.

Sample Letter to Bank for Failed Online Transactions

While Sending Money to Another Account (IMPS)


The Bank Manager,

Bank Name,

Address of the bank.

Sub: Transaction failed but money deducted.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, K Raghuram, have a savings bank account in your bank with a/c no: 3123789456 for the last two years.

This letter is regarding the failed IMPS transaction which was done On 26/12/2020 for an Amount of 10000 Rs in internet banking/mobile banking.

Here is the reference number of the failed transaction 500117953758IGAKXYZAU0. I got a transaction error and the money was debited from my account, but the beneficiary hasn’t received the money.

So I am requesting you to please refund the amount to my bank account.

Thanking you.


K Raghuram,

Mobile: 9123456789

While Online Shopping


The Bank Manager,

Name of the bank,

Bank address.

Sub: Online transaction failed.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Ch Subrahmanyam, savings bank account holder of your bank with a/c no 3123456789. Yesterday i.e on 26/12/020 at 7:00 PM when I tried to make a transaction for an amount of 2500 Rs on Amazon website my money was deducted but the transaction is not yet completed.

When I contacted the Amazon customer care they replied that they didn’t receive any money for that particular transaction 

Here is the reference of the transaction: 625117953758IKLKDGAZU0

So here I am requesting you to please look into this matter and refund  my money.

Thanking you.


Subrahmanyam Ch.

Mobile: 9123XXX456

While Unauthorized Transactions


The Bank Manager,

Name of the bank,

Bank address.

Sub: Unauthorized transaction in my bank account.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, P Sirisha, a/c no: 3123456987 of your bank. Today I got a message to my mobile number that 20,000 Rs has been deducted from my bank account, but I haven’t initiated any transaction from my side, but still, the amount is debited from my account.

I am enclosing my bank statement copy along with this letter for more details. 

20000 Rs is a very big amount for me, so please investigate this matter and refund my money.

Thanking you.


Sirish P.

Mobile: 81234567XXX

Why Online Transactions Fail

  1. In most cases, the main reason for failing an online transaction is poor internet connections. So make sure you have a proper internet connection before initiating any online transaction.
  2. Whenever you send money to the wrong beneficiary account details like account number of IFSC code then also online transactions will fail.
  3. Using online banking facilities in public internet centers. Never use your online banking services in public internet centers where the chances of misusing your bank account details are very high.


What happens if an online transaction fails

Whenever an online transaction fails then the banks will refund the money within 1-3 business days, but it is better to contact your bank’s branch after 24hrs form the time of failed transaction. 

If it is not possible to visit the branch directly then contact their customer care or send an email to your bank’s customer support team.

Can I submit the request letter to other branches of my bank

No, you have to submit the request letter to your home branch in which you have an account.

After submitting the letter, in how many days my money will be refunded.

It depends on the reason for the failed transaction and the bank in which you have an account. In most cases it will take a maximum 7 days to refund your money, from the date of submitting the request letter.

In the meantime banks will investigate the reason for the failed transaction.

What if my bank doesn’t support me

In that case, you can contact the banking ombudsman, to solve your problem. But before that make sure that you are not getting any proper response from your bank.

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